Risk & Security

Through a tailored solutions and a humble and knowledgeable approach, we integrate risk, strategy, and security management into our customers' operations. We help you achieve your operational goals!


Risk, strategy, and security

Risk, strategy, and security must contribute to strengthening the business, not get in the way. Nor should it create rules that are impossible to follow.

Through tailored solutions, humble and knowledgeable approach, we integrate risk, strategy, and security advice into our customers' operations.

Every company has its own unique journey within risk and security management. Reasons to get started could be that the organization needs to live up to legal requirements, customer requirements, industry requirements or so on. It is also common to prepare for certifications or equivalent frameworks. A structured approach often solves internal problems and is a great way of working proactively. 

Cyber security

  • Review of current security solutions
  • Penetration testing
  • On-premises/Cloud security
  • Configuration, hardware update
  • Preparedness for ransomware and insider threats

IT security

  • Professional risk and security team with both local and global experience
  • Tailored service with high precision
  • Risk and security integrated into your business with the sole purpose of contributing pure business value

Information security

  • Risk assessment
  • Preparation for certifications 
  • Information security strategy
  • Policies
  • Digitization risk and security strategy

Risk management

  • Holistic risk analysis
  • Needs analysis
  • GAP analysis
  • Analysis and review by third parties
  • Would your business survive an audit?

Crisis management

  • Crisis and risk exercises
  • Leadership coaching, mentoring.
  • Conflict management
  • Team/group development

Management support

  • Market reports
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Intelligence reports
  • Due diligence
  • Dealing with misinformation
  • Counter industrial espionage

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